Whenever it’s your business to help realize your customer’s ideas, you can count on the fact that you’ll be asking tons of design, material, and logistics related questions. You must ensure that you’re helping your customer design a product that is manufacturable. When someone comes to us for design expertise, the first step is to evaluate how advanced their product idea is within the design process. This means assessing things like, functional intent of the product, component interfaces, material choices, and product user experience. These questions are just the tipping point. They allow us to understand what the customer is trying to achieve with their product and what’s needed to guide them through manufacturing development. Many times, conceptual design is the first step. It is the link between “I have an idea” and “I’m ready to manufacture my product.” We bridge that gap by helping ask the right questions, understanding intent, and providing guidance in defining quantifiable product specifications. It is a detailed process. Good ideas can change the world for the better, but like every great product, a great team helped make the idea a tangible reality.

Noble Plastics works to help our customers understand the development and manufacturing processes, while educating ourselves on the goals of the product or system. Good design thinking on the front end can make manufacturing easier and much more cost effective. Noble employs a diverse team of industrial design and engineering experts as well as a wide array of design tools to meet and exceed your design expectations. The use of 3D CAD, SIGMA, and FEA analysis along with solid drawing and design communication skills makes us highly capable and qualified to serve your design needs. In the conceptual phase we offer up several design ideas. Using the customer’s input and our expertise, we down-select to a single, cohesive product concept that is functional and attractive. With this, we can proceed to designing the manufacturing process itself. That’s why our mantra is, DREAM IT. MAKE IT.