• Using plastics is more cost-effective than metal
  • Plastic injection molding offers a faster and more consistent process
  • There is more design freedom when you convert to plastic
  • Plastic parts are typically 50% lighter in weight compared to metal
  • Plastics are often chemically inert, thermally insulative, and will not conduct electricity
  • Using plastic will help to cut packaging weight 

Right now, businesses across the world are facing unprecedented challenges and looking for ways to make their company more efficient, productive, profitable, and adaptable in the face of a business world returning to the “new normal”. One way companies are realizing these goals, is by converting metal parts into plastic. If you’re considering making the switch, let us tell you about just some of the benefits plastics can offer as an alternative. Converting metal parts to plastics affords businesses unparalleled design freedom and avoids many of the pitfalls and limitations encountered when making metal parts. Plastics molding offers a faster more consistent process, leading to greater reliability and output. Plastics can offer the same versatility, strength, and reliability as metal parts, often at half the part weight. Plastic parts are cheaper to package, box, and ship than their metal counterparts. Moreover, given their much lighter weight and extreme durability, plastic parts are often safer and more easily managed by your workforce than their heavier metal counterparts. There is a myriad of benefits beyond those discussed here and Noble Plastics would love to talk to you about how we can help your business with all its injection molding and design needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email today!