Noble Plastics is an essential part of several supply chains and as such is currently operating.  We have taken precautions to enhance the safety and health of our staff, and we are committed to serving the needs of our customers.  Our projects are proceeding as best they can with the COVID impact, and individual customers affected by the disruptions are being contacted as needed.  If we can provide services to you during this time, we have staff in the office on varying days as well as working remotely.  Enhanced sanitation processes and equipment are in use.  If you need a virtual meeting or training session, our sales team is ready to respond.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation, we are all working to stay safe, healthy, and provide for our customers and our families.

Dream it. Make it.

Noble Plastics is a product realization company. Our mission is to make the product realization process pleasant and profitable. We accomplish this mission through three areas of focus: design, manufacturing, and automation integration. Our manufacturing services have been provided to the energy sector, veterinary, consumer, sporting good, and automotive industries for over 15 years.  Our design services have developed proprietary products and helped realize the products of others for more than a decade. Having developed expertise in 6-axis flexible automation systems for our manufacturing plant over 15 years, we became a Fanuc integrator and have developed custom systems and manufacturing cells.

Noble Plastics