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secondary machining processes 4

Noble Plastics offers secondary machining processes and other post-injection mold services to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop solution for their plastics manufacturing needs.

With our robust selection of the latest in advanced manufacturing equipment, dedication to quality, and innovation through automation and robotics, we go beyond the injection molding process to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every component.

Improve Part Quality with Secondary Machining Processes

With our capabilities in secondary machining processes, Noble Plastics ensures the production of high-quality plastic parts that meet exceptionally tight tolerances. Our CNC machining and milling equipment enables us to provide the highest level of precision in every component we create.

Our Secondary Machining Processes Equipment

  • 2 – 10” CNC Lathe
  • 1 – Vertical CNC Toolroom Mill
  • 1 – Manual Bridgeport Mill
  • 1 – Small Surface Grinder

Ensure Part Performance with Comprehensive Quality Control

At Noble Plastics, our commitment to quality extends to every facet of our business. For our customers, this means that we aim to provide only the highest quality plastics manufacturing solutions. Our quality measures include Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) assessments to ensure the consistent production of parts that meet the most stringent specifications.

And, we balance the old-fashioned human touch with the latest in automation and robotic technology to inspect quality specifications at the molding cell, perform post-mold dimensional checks, and ensure accuracy in every component.

Our Quality Control Tools and Equipment

Precision Hand Tools

Digital Calipers
Height Stands
Dial Bore Gauges

Cognex Vision Systems

Inspects critical dimensions
Detects defects in the cell right out of the mold.
*With robotic automation

Keyence IM-7010 Image Measurement System (x2)

  • Speed: seconds for program run times compared to minutes for measurements
  • Repeatability to 2 μm, or .00007”
  • Accurate to 5 μm, or .00019”
  • No contact force

Brown & Sharpe Global Performance 7.10.7 Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Speed: for more complex dimensioning, i.e. GD&T w/ multi-datums, etc.
  • Repeatability to 1.7 μm, or .0000669”
  • Accurate to 8 μm, or .000314”
  • Low contact force

Take a Look at Our Shop Floor

At Noble Plastics, we pride ourselves on being a leader in Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology and solutions. With a forward-thinking approach, we’re always looking for the latest and best in injection molding machinery and equipment. Our wide selection of advanced injection molding machines combined with our FANUC robots enables us to provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative plastics manufacturing services out there.

Our Shop Floor Equipment

Our Shop Floor Machines

  • 35 Allrounder 270S (Arburg)
  • 55 Allrounder 320C (Arburg)
  • 90-430 Extra (Demag)
  • 110 Allrounder 470A (Arburg)
  • 110 Allrounder 470E (Arburg)
  • 110 Allrounder 470E GE (Arburg)
  • 110 Allrounder 470E GE (Arburg)
  • 110 Allrounder 470E GE (Arburg)
  • 160 Allrounder 520E (Arburg)
  • 175-600 Extra (Demag)
  • 220 Allrounder 570E 800 (Arburg) 50mm
  • 275 Allrounder 630A – 800 (Arburg) 50mm
  • 275 Allrounder 630A – 800 (Arburg) 55mm
  • 355 Allrounder 720S (Arburg)
  • 550 Allrounder 920S 5000-4600 (Arburg)
  • 720 Duo 7050/650 (Engel)
  • 730 1075-6800 Titan (Demag)
  • 940 T-WIN 8500-11000 UL (Wintec)

Our FANUC Robot Models

  • LR-Mate
  • M-10
  • M-710
  • M-2000
  • M-1 (Delta)

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Noble Plastics has over 15 years of experience as an ITAR-registered supplier to Department of Defense Prime contractors.

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