Questions often asked about injection molding and automation. As always, we are here to answer any other questions you have through the contact form or directly by phone.

How do we incorporate robotics?

Noble employs robots in many ways. We use them for work that is complex, but also for quite simple tasks. Depending on the needs of our customers, a robot could be doing very simple repetitive tasks, or working as a central brain to coordinate a number of machines and auxiliaries.

Why does creating a product roadmap matter?

Before embarking on a trip, most of us review GPS data and plan out which way we are going to travel, and plot out stops. The same process applies to developing a product. When will we build it based on market opportunities, resources, and the time for engineering and testing? What else are we passing along the way that might impact this product? How does it fit in our overall trip schedule for the quarter, the year, and the next five years? If we only built one product at a time we might not need a complex roadmap, but we would still need to know which way to go.

How do we go from idea to product?

Knowing the best manufacturing method for a product idea lets a design be optimized for that process. Often the “best” method isn’t dependent on the part itself, but on commercial considerations like the number of parts needed, timeline to realization, and limits on capital to allow for investment in equipment.

How do you ensure quality standards are met?

Meeting customer quality standards starts with having them defined. Requirements should be more than just dimensions and tolerances, but should include appearance concerns, defined allowances for tool wear, packaging specifics, frequency of inspection, and all required documentation needs.

What is project quality management?

Project quality management is the process of continuously monitoring all quality activities, and performing corrective action until the desired quality is achieved.

What are the steps of the quality assurance cycle?

Noble employs several measurements and verification systems. Parts might be confirmed by process monitoring, automatic camera validation, operator measurements, specialized testing apparatus, gages, and final release from the Quality Control team.

What services and products do you manufacture?

Noble is a product realization company. We can design for manufacture, convert designs for metals to plastics, prototype, source tooling, mold thermoplastic products, design and build automation systems to facilitate the molding of products, and offer complete turn-key services for the whole range of services listed.

What is TQM?

TQM stands for Total Quality Management. TQM is a culture in which everyone from high-level executives to level workers focuses on improving quality. Quality is EVERYONE’S job!

What are ideal and minimum quantities for injection molding?

There is no universal rule for minimum quantities when considering injection molding. Generally, with tools costing at least $10,000 for the smallest and simplest parts, production volumes of a few dozen parts or even a few hundred parts can rarely carry a proportion of the capital cost of the molds. It is not uncommon for injection molds to cost between $50,000 and $500,000. In this range, it is expected that production volumes would be at 10,000 units and up.

Why do businesses need strategic sourcing?

Noble has been a successful addition for clients looking to reshore product manufacturing, particularly to position them for strategic success. The challenges of material supply, transportation, and workforce shortages are hitting around the globe. Our automation, relationship strength, and technical tools serve to make confident those businesses looking for both domestic and overseas options for manufacturing.