Questions often asked about injection molding and automation. As always, we are here to answer any other questions you have through the contact form or directly by phone.

What are the steps of the quality assurance cycle?

Noble employs several measurements and verification systems. Parts might be confirmed by process monitoring, automatic camera validation, operator measurements, specialized testing apparatus, gages, and final release from the Quality Control team.

What things should be provided when coming to us with an idea?

To quote a part, we will request at least a part drawing with tolerances, material specifications, and number of units to produce. Preferably, we can be provided CAD/3D files, samples of parts, a material selection and alternative, quality specifications, and packaging specifications.

What is injection molding?

Injection Molding is one process used for mass production of thermoplastic parts. The resins are heated and injected into a closed mold, cooled to solidify into the shape machined into the mold, then ejected as either a finished part or can undergo further manufacturing steps.

How do we go from idea to product?

Knowing the best manufacturing method for a product idea lets a design be optimized for that process. Often the “best” method isn’t dependent on the part itself, but on commercial considerations like the number of parts needed, timeline to realization, and limits on capital to allow for investment in equipment.

What are the quality management issues?

Quality management issues are all things that could go wrong leading up to production.
Examples: Supply Chain Complexity, Excess Documentation, Resistance to Technology, Over-reliance on theory as opposed to data presented, Lack of Resources and time.

Who builds what an engineer designs?

Noble uses a network of suppliers to achieve product design. Our team brings specialists in tooling, controls, packaging, and electronics together to provide complete solutions for our clients.

How do we incorporate robotics?

Noble employs robots in many ways. We use them for work that is complex, but also for quite simple tasks. Depending on the needs of our customers, a robot could be doing very simple repetitive tasks, or working as a central brain to coordinate a number of machines and auxiliaries.

Do you use any proprietary hardware or software?

ROC40 is a Predictive Production Solution (PPS) of hardware and software developed and used by Noble in advance of full commercialization. Representing Return On Capital 4 point 0, ROC40 is our Industry 4.0 product that is already improving operations for Noble and should be available to others in 2023.

What keeps you in Louisiana?

Louisiana is a crossroads for the port of entry from overseas locations to the greater US marketplace. Our culture of working hard and playing hard fits perfectly with Louisiana culture. Known for food, music, and fun, our team enjoys all our region has to offer and welcomes clients and vendors to join us whether music festivals, outdoor fishing, or simply enjoying the amazing food and experience that a visit to Cajun Country can be!

Why is quality management system important?

A QMS helps to organize and lead an organization’s activities to ensure all customer and regulatory requirements are met. As well as, improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.