machine tending solution Tendigo

The ultimate, easy-to-use automated machine tending solution for manufacturing.

machine tending solution Tendigo

tendiGo™ offers a seamless leap into the future of manufacturing by combining cutting-edge automation technology with unparalleled ease of use. Embrace a new era of production efficiency and growth as tendiGo™ empowers our operations with innovative gear that minimizes effort and maximizes productivity.

tendiGo™ deploys in weeks

A streamlined and proven system allows for adaptability to your specific machine tending needs. Multiple programs can be stored and loaded so the system can accommodate different products at the push of a button.


No robotics expertise required

tendiGo™ offers an intuitive HMI that requires little to no training. Seamlessly load the correct program (pre-written by Noble) for your product and adjust the robot position through the ‘TUNE’ feature with no experience required.


Real-time feedback

Monitor machine cycles in real-time including good part and reject percentages for a bin, shift, or job.

machine tending solution Tendigo
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machine tending solution Tendigo

View I/O from the HMI

Experience direct communication with the injection molding machine through Euromap. View real-time status of mold conditions, end-of-arm tooling, and auxiliary equipment at the user interface screen.

Edit Robot Position from the HMI

Edit your robot path directly from the HMI through our TUNE feature. No robotic programming experience necessary.

machine tending solution Tendigo