(Bold!) Mold Transfer

When you mold transfer to Noble Plastics you’ll enjoy industry-leading service from our engineering and process teams. You’ll have access to the following value-added services.

Advanced Molding Simulation

Automated Mold Tending Consultation

Mold Cleaning and Maintenance

Process Development


Noble is well experienced and equipped to take on most injection molding processes and provide top-quality care for existing molds.


  • Is your current molder using state-of-the-art software for analysis and monitoring to save you money?
  • Is your current molder operating under a Quality Management System that is Certified and Audited?
  • Is your current molder investing in best-in-class processing equipment?
  • Are your parts being produced and inspected in a climate controlled environment?
Noble Plastics does all of this and more!

Interested in transferring your molds to Noble?

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