Why Automation Systems are the Secret to Success


Leveraging 20 years of robotics experience gained through our molding operations, Noble serves a diverse list of industries including plastics, wood, and food products. Knowing that our customers put their trust in Noble to be an agent of success, we have one simple rule. We only sell what we use in our own operations. Additionally, all of our automation systems designers and technicians are required to spend time in our production operations, giving insight into the daily challenges of the operations environment. Thus, we can usually discuss the advantages of proposed products and methods with the customer watching them work on our factory floor.

Capabilities often found in our solutions include, machine tending, inspection, machine vision, assembly, part segregation, and SCADA integration.

Plastics Industry

With an understandable focus on the plastics industry, Noble offers solutions as simple as machine tending and as comprehensive as turnkey molding systems. Services available to effect these solutions include design for manufacture, molding process simulation, tooling review, tooling procurement, and molding machine suitability review, part inspection and capability analysis.

In some cases, automation systems can be vetted at a Noble facility using the customer’s mold. For turnkey systems Noble can build, test and run the system in our production environment, minimizing startup risk and disruption at the customer facility.

General Industry

When commercial machinery can’t get the job done, Noble designs and sells specialized robotic machinery for our customer’s manufacturing operation requirements. Such systems are characterized as being self-contained, centrally controlled through a user-friendly HMI customized for the process. Project execution follows Noble’s systems engineering approach and is led by a qualified project manager.


Noble has been a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator for nearly a decade. As of 2023, we are an official OnRobot partner.

Noble Plastics has over 15 years of experience as an ITAR-registered supplier to Department of Defense Prime contractors.

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How do we incorporate robotics?

Noble employs robots in many ways. We use them for work that is complex, but also for quite simple tasks. Depending on the needs of our customers, a robot could be doing very simple repetitive tasks, or working as a central brain to coordinate a number of machines and auxiliaries.

What are the benefits of automation?

Automation’s biggest benefit is the consistency of process and results. Anything that needs to be done the same way for a long time, or has risk to it can benefit from automation. Sometimes a robot is considered for work that is dirty, dangerous, or dumb. We see robotic automation as a tool to get consistent processes to free up people for work that is more challenging or varying.

How do robotics become profitable?

Return on Investment calculations to support the use of robotics often consider only direct labor costs, but many more factors contribute to profitability for companies that employ automation. Reduced scrap or rework due to the repeatability of automation, reduced frequency of inspection required, less supervision required, increased uptime and throughput potential, and opportunities to combine manufacturing processes can all add to the profitability of a program.




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