The Quality Department has members dedicated to performing first article inspection, in-process measurements, final piece inspection, and using quantifiable studies to ensure processes, as well as products, meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Quality members perform predictive studies such as, Capability and Gage R&R studies, to ensure all facets of our production will continually meet these expectations.  To support and ensure that our processes are in-control, our team members perform in-process checks as well as final pre-shipment inspection of product checking for all visual defects as well as critical dimensional values.

Our Quality Department has a multitude of experience using many advanced technologies, and is continually researching and willing to use the latest of technologies to give our customers’ what they need!


Noble’s Maintenance Teams main function is in the support of production. This is accomplished in two ways. First, to proactively mitigate potential downtime occurrences by tracking and scheduling maintenance using Nobles internal maintenance tracking system. Secondly, from Facility to Injection Molding Machines and anywhere in between. When a downtime occurrence happens, there is a systemic response to get back to operational readiness as efficiently as possible.

We strive for zero maintenance downtime; this allows our customers to be confident that Noble will fulfill its production requirements.

Our Tooling department maintains Noble’s and Customer molds by tracking cycle counts, this ensures that maintenance is carried out at the proper intervals. It is in Nobles capability to not only meet mold maintenance standards but customize mold maintenance to fulfill customers’ requirements. This ensures our customer that their property is kept up to the highest industry standards.