After a brief hiatus and temporary relocation, LAGCOE returned to Acadiana for Energy Fest 2022 at the Cajundome Convention Center on October 19th-21st. Noble Plastics has been a longtime presenter at the international exposition, attending the event almost every year since 2009. 2022 was no exception and Noble Plastics was excited to showcase the FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot – thoughtfully nicknamed the “cobot” – to demonstrate current capabilities of automation and how it applies to the oil, gas, & energy industry.

The Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition, also known as LAGCOE, is a non-profit group that is focused on encouraging economic growth of the Gulf Coast energy industry. The organization facilitates domestic & international business development by connecting businesses with opportunities. During their yearly technical exposition, LAGCOE allows businesses to present new ideas and revolutionary technology at their yearly technical exposition to potential partners from around the world.

Among the attendees and exhibitors, Noble Plastics was well represented. President Missy Rogers, Accounts Manager Braden Hayes, Project Manager Laura Bourg, Inside Sales Representative Ashley Richard, Automation Engineer Zach Guess, Automation Technician Don Rogers, and Content Creator Kate Rogers were all in attendance to assist expo-goers with learning more about manufacturing, injection molding, and automation in the energy industry.

Visitors to the booth were able to personally interact with the FANUC CRX-10iA robot, initiate the shut-down safety features, and reset it with the touch of a button! On Day 2, high school and college students were escorted around the expo to learn more about career opportunities in the ever-changing field of energy. The introduction of automation and the transition from nonrenewable fossil fuels to “smart energy” – as well as the implications of this change on the oil and gas– made this year’s expo more exciting and worthwhile than ever before.

When speaking to the visitors and potential partners, Missy Rogers explained that “automation and advanced materials are not just for the electronics and automotive industries. LAGCOE’s Energy Fest highlighted new and advanced technologies this year, and Noble was thrilled to demonstrate a robot akin to what is machine-tending locally and worldwide. Noble wants to help this traditional industry embrace newer methods and machines.”

Collaborative Robot Display


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