MAPP BenchCon 2022 – Presentation, Award, and Exhibiting

In a hotel ballroom in Indianapolis, IN on October 5th, 2022 a room full of plastic molders were serenated by Jason Hewlett and his repertoire of Legend Parodies. Between his takes on songs like Sound of Silence and Poker Face the message he shared with the attendees revolved around a promise. He spoke about what a promise is and how important it is we keep them to our coworkers, our clients, and family but that we must also keep the ones we make to and for ourselves.

The Manufactures Association for Plastics Processors makes a promise to its members to provide a community that fosters the progress and success of one another. For the past 25 years MAPP has served over 500 member companies that involve over 5000 industry professionals as a Trade Association for networking.  Noble Plastics has been a member for 9 years and our President Missy Rogers has served on the Board of Directors for 7 years.

The Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference is a MAPP staple, and one that the Noble team looks forward to attending each year. Apart from simply attending, this year we submitted for the Innovation Award, gave a presentation during the BC Labs, and exhibited as an event sponsor!

Innovation Award

We are proud to share that Noble Plastics was awarded 2nd Place for this year’s Innovation Award for businesses with an annual revenue of less than $15 Million! Each year the Board of Directors determines what the award theme is and any MAPP Member can submit an entry via photo, video, and a brief write-up on their solution. This year’s theme was Automated Manufacturing Solutions. Noble Plastics submitted an application centered around how we’ve not only physically automated our shop floor with robots, but we’ve also automated the collection of data for real-time shop predictions.

“Noble has been on a journey of cohesive shop floor automation for several years. This automation includes robotic and informational systems for both specific products and our overall workflow. Automating how our data is captured, shared, and used to predict our efficiency has allowed our teams to make better decisions swiftly on our floor.” – via Submission Document

In the video (link YouTube Video) you will hear Scott Rogers, Technical Director, and Aimee Daigle, Production Manager, cover our use of FANUC robots at our molding machines, our ERP system, RJG’s CoPilot, and Noble Plastics’ proprietary application ROC40, and how they impact our team every day.

We’re proud to share this prestigious award with 5 other companies! The winners are as follows:

Greater than $15 Million in Annual Revenue:

  1. KW Container
  2. Beacon Engineered Solutions
  3. Crescent Industries

Less than $15 Million in Annual Revenue:

  1. Champion Plastics
  2. Noble Plastics
  3. Natech Plastics


BC Lab Presentation

With the theme we’ve set out, a lot of complexity for the end goal, is kind of like eating an elephant. Who knows how you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! With that, we’re going to have a little practical exercise. -Scott Rogers

Que the elephant cookies!

Our Technical Director, Scott Rogers, and Production Manager, Aimee Daigle, were selected to present a BC Lab during one of the break-out sessions. Their presentation “Paving the Road to I4.0 and Autonomy” used our Grand Coteau and Opelousas facilities as a case study on how a small to mid-sized molding shop can start their journey for Industry 4.0. There are machines and auxiliary equipment sold with ‘Industry 4.0 Capabilities’ but not much more of an explanation on how to move in the direction of autonomy.

Scott discussed a high-level view of what true Industry 4.0 looks like and what tools exist to start the journey in a manageable and sustainable way. You can view our Practical Industry 4.0 N-sight for more information! Aimee then spoke to what equipment and data systems Noble uses for daily operations and how it’s changed our shop-floor life.

(A quick thank you to Sweet Escape Cakes for the wonderful cookies! Check out their work!

Event Sponsorship

Each event sponsor is given a space to display their business to attendees. These were set up along the main corridors so that everyone could visit the 50 sponsors between break-out sessions. Noble Plastics set up a FANUC CRX-10iA robot arm. Fondly named Audrey-3, the robot stacked, shuffled, and handed out little treat boxes to attendees throughout the week!

Noble Plastics has been automating for our shop floor for the last 20 years and we’ve joined the network of Authorized Integrators for FANUC Robotics 8 years ago. So we know the common and precise pain-points that molders face and how to best alleviate it.

MAPP hosts a series of virtual events and discussions for members throughout the year where they can discuss the state of the industry and receive help from their peers. If you want to see more about their organization, please visit:

Used with permission from the Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors


Practical Industry 4.0

“Work smarter, not harder.” In 1712 the first productive steam engine was invented and improved until 1801 when the first steam-powered locomotive was driven through the streets of Camborne by Richard Trevithick. Between 1719 and 1764, three inventors improved weaving and spinning so that by 1785 Edmund Cartwright’s power loom could break onto the scene. Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1844 to allow quick communication over long distances, and in 2007 Steve Jobs revealed the game-changing iPhone. Innovation followed us across the centuries and will continue to push us into the future. We have seen three industrial revolutions come and go, so what exactly is the fourth, and when is it coming?

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Noble Presents at LAGCOE EnergyFest 2022

After a brief hiatus and temporary relocation, LAGCOE returned to Acadiana for Energy Fest 2022 at the Cajundome Convention Center on October 19th-21st. Noble Plastics has been a longtime presenter at the international exposition, attending the event almost every year since 2009. 2022 was no exception and Noble Plastics was excited to showcase the FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot – thoughtfully nicknamed the “cobot” – to demonstrate current capabilities of automation and how it applies to the oil, gas, & energy industry.

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