Noble Plastics Announces Turnkey IMM Tending  System

Noble Plastics kicked off 2023 with the first official announcement for our turnkey IMM Tending System. Scott Rogers, our Technical Director, spoke with Matthew Naitove of Plastics Technology to discuss why this product was important to develop.

Noble has been implementing robotic automation on our production floor for 20+ years. The 6 axis robots at each machine allow for consistent part removal, degating, and outgoing placement 24/7. Noble became an Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC Robotics 8 years ago and have designed, built, and implemented several custom systems for customers in different industries and was selected as finalist for FANUC America’s System of the Year award.

Our product offering is unique because it provides a turnkey solution for the most common tending applications. It mitigates the need for extensive programming and robotics experience by combining a basic and intuitive user interface with simple reliable hardware. The product consists of a 6-axis robot, hard guarding, an option for well-designed tooling to help accomplish most tending operations, an intuitive user interface, integration with injection machine controls, job-specific programming, and operator training. The result is a system that can be deployed easily in a reduced amount of time, and with a quicker ROI.

Noble Plastics also launched our online IMM Tending System Spec Builder. You can input the measurements of your machine, space, and desired auxiliary equipment and generate a spec sheet that is delivered to our sales and engineering teams for review.

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You can read the full article by Plastics Technology here:

You can visit our IMM Tending System Spec Builder here:


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