Announcing Bold Mold Transfer Service

We have added a new services page to our website! Now you will find our (Bold!) Mold Transfer program alongside our molding and automation offerings.

Our client’s focus is on getting their products out the door and into the hands of their customers. We have all encountered detours we weren’t quite expecting. If you find yourself in this position and are looking to move your mold, Noble Plastics is ready to help!

As a custom molder, we are familiar and experienced with mold changeovers and onboarding new products. Our team of engineers, processors, and maintenance technicians work with industry leading technology to streamline the onboarding process.

Our experienced engineering and processing staff can easily identify and begin to troubleshoot process complications by utilizing SIGMASoft simulation to review part dimensions, material flow, and cooling before the mold ever arrives on property. Not only does this cut down on set-up time, but it allows our team to become familiar with the product and its needs.

We have dedicated tool maintenance personnel who clean, evaluate, and perform minor maintenance with assistance from our in-house machine shop. All our molds are kept and run in a climate-controlled space. Our ultrasonic cleaner and dry ice blaster are a few of the tools that help our maintenance team keep our customers’ molds in excellent condition.

Our quality control department is very active in ensuring all customer standards are met as the parts leave the machine. Parts may be measured at the machine via vision stations, a batch sample may be measured in the quality lab by the CMM, or hand measurements may be taken beside the machine.

Each machine is paired with a Fanuc 6-axis robot. This assists in cutting down on part cost and it ensures a truly consistent handling of each part as it is ejected from the machine. If degating procedures are needed, each cut will be the same. All of our automation is designed, installed, and maintained by our in-house automation group. As a Fanuc Authorized Systems Integrator our team has experienced a high level of training, allowing for quick implementation and adjustments for new programs.

Under the guidance of our project manager our streamlined transfer process is handled with expert care! Contact us today if you have any questions or are ready to start your own transfer journey with Noble Plastics!

Visit our (Bold!) Mold Transfer page for more information.


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