Noble Plastics Announces OnRobot Distributor Partnership 

Noble Plastics is excited to announce that we are officially an OnRobot partner.

Well known in the collaborative end of arm tooling space, OnRobot provides pre-engineered hardware and software that facilitates quick, simple, and effective implementations for many applications. There are tools for everything from machine tending to palletizing to packaging. OnRobot products are compatible with 14 collaborative robot brands, allowing for reliable processes in mixed environments. OnRobot’s products are part of FANUC America’s CRX approved devices program.

Noble is leveraging the out of the box capabilities of these products to enhance our offering to customers with collaborative robotic applications. Having reliable end of arm tooling readily available reduces design time for most requested systems. OnRobot’s D:Ploy software also eliminates the need for programing for some straight-forward applications like many machine tending, palletizing, and packaging applications. Noble has demo products available to assist in evaluating our customers’ applications.

This partnership is a very exciting step in Noble’s pursuit to exceed our customer’s expectations for manufacturing on our floor and simplifying cobot implementation. Check out our unboxing video below to celebrate with us! Our sales and engineering teams are available to answer any additional questions you may have!

If you would like to learn more about D:Ploy, visit:


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